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Jelt—The Game of Parenting grew out of my frustrations in cajoling my children into cooperation on a daily basis. Amidst the daily onslaught of tantrums, lack of listening, and general bad behavior, I thought that there must be a better way. One day when my then 7 year old son was having a particularly difficult tantrum, I issued him a set of three “Tantrum Cards” and explained that he would have to use one each time he had a tantrum.  If he had no Tantrum Cards then he could not tantrum. Over the following weeks and months the additional rules of Jelt evolved…and remarkably behaviors changed, almost (but not quite) painlessly. The Jelt system turned parenting into a game and promoted positive behaviors in our children as well as in ourselves. It is important to realize that the Jelt system helps to modify positively the behavior of our children, but also of ourselves, the parents.  If you too follow the rules of Jelt and play the game, you will find that anger, yelling, and impatience are a thing of the past. The Jelt system is based in the cognitive sciences of operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, and, well, a lot of parental trial and error. It has done wonders for our family and can do so for yours as well. 

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